Beast Quest Series Book 1 - 12

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Beast Quest Series 1 & 2 Collection 12 Books set by Adam Blade. An Incredible Fantasy series ever which will blow our mind with magical adventures.

Titles include:

  1. Ferno: The Fire Dragon
  2. Sepron: The Sea Serpent
  3. Arcta: The Mountain Giant
  4. Tagus: The Horse ?V Man
  5. Nanook: The Snow Monster
  6. Epos: The Flame Bird
  7. Zepha: The Monster Squid
  8. Claw: The Giant Monkey
  9. Soltra: The Stone Charmer
  10. Vipero: The Snake Man
  11. Arachnid: The King of Spiders
  12. Trillion: The Three-Headed Lion

Author: Adam Blade

Illustrator: David Wyatt

Format: Paperback

Ages: 7 - 11 yrs

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