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Charge of the Three-Horned Monster (Dinosaur Cove 2)

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When Jamie moves to Dinosaur Cove with his father he's looking forward to doing some fossil hunting on the beach. But when he and his friend, Tom, discover a forgotten cave with fossilised dinosaur footprints, it takes them to another world ...a world of dinosaurs. Jamie and Tom return to their secret dinosaur world and find their friend Wanna, the Wannanosaurus, waiting for them. They spot what looks like a village in the distance and set off to investigate. On the way they meet a herd of Triceratops and it seems the only way to avoid being trampled is to hitch a ride on their backs. But as they approach the 'village' the boys realize too late that what they thought were huts are in fact termite hills. With insects swarming all over them, the Triceratops charge! Can the boys hang on? Will they fall under the feet of the giant dinosaurs? And how can they get away from the huge, biting termites?


Author: Rex Stone

Format: Paperback

Ages: 7 - 11 yrs

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