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Eye Spy: Wild Ways Animals See the World

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  • 2019 Eureka! Children's Non-Fiction Book Award Winner, California Reading Association
  • USBBY Outstanding International Book of the Year 2019
  • Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner

    Ever wonder what your cat is watching through the window? Or how having eyes on the sides of its head changes the world for a horse? And what would life be like seeing in 5 colors instead of only 3?

    Children see exactly how animals view the world around them in this innovative and exciting lift-the-flap book. After a whirlwind tour of how eyes work, children lift the flaps to find out how animals as different as dogs, owls, and chameleons see the same scene. EYE SPY: Wild Ways Animals See the World is a truly eye-opening experience guaranteed to fuel and satisfy the curiosity of any animal lover.


Author : Guillaume Duprat

Ages : 7-11 years 

Format : Hardcover

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