Horrible Science ~ Bulging Brains

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It looks like a huge grey bogey or something you’d step in by mistake – but your incredible brain holds all your knowledge, dreams and feelings. Even if your teacher won’t admit it, it’s amazing! Find out how it works – and what it smells like – here! You’ll see:

* what happens if you cut your brain in half
* what your brain bits ‘n’ pieces do
* how to do your own brilliant brain surgery
* why it’s clever to feel pain
* how to tame an angry teacher
* whether boys or girls are smarter (have a guess!)

With cool quizzes, terrible tests and ALL the squishy bits, this book will scramble your brains!

Author : Nick Arnold

Illustrator : Tony De Saulles

Ages : 7-9, 9-11 yrs

Format : Paperback

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