Now You See Me

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Author:??Tish Rabe
Illustrator: Christopher Moroney
Ages: 3 - 5 yrs
Hide-and-seek is a great game, but Nick always finds where Sally is hiding. And that's no fun!
Enter the Cat in the Hat. His friend Gecko is an expert at hiding. Maybe Gecko can share some
tips with the kids? So off they go to the jungle, where Gecko teaches them how to hide in plain
sight?�?using camouflage! Kids won't be able to hide their delight in this rhymed Step 2, Step into
Reading book based on an episode from the new PBS Kids television show The Cat in the Hat Knows
a Lot About That! (Step 2 is for children who recognize familiar words and sound out new words with
aural and visual cues. Step 2 titles have simple stories, basic vocabulary, and short sentences.)
Format: Paperback



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