Number's In Nature (Book And Puzzle)

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Author: Ikids

Illustrator: Jillian Philips

Ages: 3 - 5 yrs


These adorable, tote-able sets keep the green start? series growing, bringing wholesome,

earth-friendly messages to kids in a format they can understand and enjoy. Each set includes

a heartfelt illustrated board book with simple, enriching content plus 20 chunky game

cards perfect for memory match, go fish, sorting and endless fun-filled favorites!


From three snowy white polar bears to seven fluffy bunnies, kids will love reading the rhyming

board book and counting to ten with all the wonderful numbers in nature! Next, they can use the

game cards to match all the animal sets!; Comes with a 10 page board book; 20 memory match cards; adorable and reusable storage box.

Format: Board book

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