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Strange but True: 10 of the world's greatest mysteries explained



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      Prepare to have your mind blown! As you explore ten of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries, you'll witness a UFO encounter, search for the lost city of Atlantis, tour a haunted house and discover the kraken's true form.

      Learn how sightings of flying saucers and stories of alien abductions can be explained by sleep paralysis, false memories and hypnosis. Find out what pareidolia is and how this psychological phenomenon may explain some ghost sightings. Explore possible real locations for the lost city of AtlantisBeautiful, haunting illustrations set the mood and spark the imagination.

      Along the way, you'll use the scientific method and sharp thinking to separate fact from fiction and explain the unexplainable.

      Discover the fascinating truth surrounding these mysteries and legends:

      • Alien abductions, including the Roswell incident
      • Psychics
      • Mysterious disappearances, including plane MH370
      • Zombies
      • Ancient aliens, including the Nazca Lines
      • Curses, including King Tut's tomb
      • Monsters of the Deep, including Nessie the Loch Ness monster
      • The search for Atlantis
      • Ghosts and haunted mansions
      • Bigfoot

      The perfect gift for students of the paranormal, aspiring mythbusters or anyone with a curious mind, this book will fascinate and shock in equal measure!


      Author : Kathryn Hulick

      Ages: 10 years +

      Format: Hardcover

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