Where's Wally? - Wally's Key

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Where's Wally Collection Martin Handford 12 Books set includes Titles in this Collection :- Where's Wally?, Where's Wally Now?,The Fantastic Journey,In Hollywood, The Wonder Books,Odlaw's Binoculars,Wally's Key,Woof's Bone, Wenda's Camera, Wizard Whitebeard's Scroll, The Spectacular Poster Book, Sticker Book. Description:- Each of these irresistible books features a selection of stories by top children's writers. Surprisingly generous, the books all offer over 300 pages of first class storytelling. Ideal for new readers, the good-sized type and simple stories make them perfect for young girls just beginning to build in confidence and this delightful collection will offer a wealth of essential reading practice for budding bookworms everywhere.


Author : Martin Handford
Ages : 7 - 9 yrs
Format : Paperback

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