Wolf Camp

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Author: Andrea Zuill

Illustrator:??Andrea Zuill

Ages: 5 - 7 yrs


Meet Homer, a dog who heads to camp to live like a wolf! Here?�?s the perfect book for the legions of kids out there who love dogs and funny books.??
Homer is a dog . . . but he also secretly fancies himself part wolf. So when an invitation to attend WOLF CAMP (?�?Where every dog can live as a wolf for a week?�?) falls out of his kibble bag one morning, he?�?s determined to go. After his people finally agree, Homer boards the bus bound for Wolf Camp, along with fellow campers Trixie and Rex. They?�?re greeted on the other end by wolf counselors Fang and Grrr (?�?they seem nice?�?), and what follows is an array of wolf activities, including learning to howl, mark, and hunt. Of course, Homer?�?s a little homesick at times, and the food isn?�?t very good, but that just makes heading home all the sweeter.??

Format: Hardcover

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