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A World Full of Feelings: Finding Happiness

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This charming picture book for children aged 4 plus, illustrated by Ukrainian-American artist Sofia Moore, explores sadness and happiness and offers some advice for children for learning positivity and finding happiness. Mia and Jackson are sad because they have to say goodbye to their grandparents. Meanwhile, around the world, Li Na plays the three good things game, Asim helps his neighbour, Finn learns a new skill and Mateo shares his worries. What will work for Mia and Jackson? 

The book is packed with different situations and explores ways we can find happiness, such as setting yourself challenges, making plans for the future, sharing feelings and finding the little things you love. The situations range from dealing with boredom to more difficult feelings of deeper sadness.

Finding Happiness is part of the series A World Full of Feelings, which explores emotions and feelings and depicts different cultures around the world through the illustrations, promoting cultural understanding and empathy. The other titles are Finding Courage, Finding Calm and Finding Kindness.


Author : Louise Spilsbury

Ages : 4 - 8 years

Format : Paperback

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