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An Atlas of Afterlives : Discover Underworlds, Otherworlds and Heavenly Realms

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What happens after we die? This difficult question has fascinated people for thousands of years.

An Atlas of Afterlives sets out to explore and explain the many underworlds, otherworlds, heavens and hells believed in by cultures from across the world, throughout history. From paradise gardens to fiery kingdoms, from shadowy isles of the dead to ghostly galleons on an eternal voyage, these visions of eternity are fascinating examples of human creativity and storytelling.

Organised by continent, this book will take you on an eerie journey to discover legendary places from different mythologies. Each lavishly illustrated spread invites you into a different realm of the dead, with deities, demons and other details drawn from historical sources ranging from ancient Egyptian scrolls to Chilean folklore. With wondercuriosity and sensitivity, every one of these awe-inspiring places is presented in its cultural context, combining real, historical fact with the magical atmosphere of the unknown – and unknowable.

Discover afterlives from all over the world, including:

  • The gloomy kingdom of Hades, ancient Greek god of the dead
  • Valhalla, mead hall of fallen Norse heroes
  • Duat, ancient Egyptian River of Death
  • Jannah, the beautiful Islamic garden of heaven 
  • Kakuriyo, the invisible realm of spirits in Japanese Shinto beliefs
  • The Gates of Guinee, the Voudou portal said to be hidden in New Orleans
  • The Lakota Trail of Spirits in the Milky Way
  • Kibu, island of ghosts to the Torres Strait Islanders of Australia
  • Many, many more.

With storieshistories and mapsto get lost in, An Atlas of Afterlives is a truly unforgettable departure from our everyday lives into the depths of world mythology, exploring a fundamental question in an accessible, respectful and totally unique way. This lavish volume will fire the imaginations of curious explorers aged 9-12 keen for a glimpse of what lies beyond.


Author : Emily Hawkins

Ages : 6 - 12 years

Format : Hardcover