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Ancient Worlds : Travel Back in Time and Discover the First Great Civilizations

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Step back in time and witness how the greatest ancient cultures lived and thrived in this tour through history’s civilisations.

Ancient Worlds is a tour through history's most influential civilisations between 3000 BCE and 750 CE, capturing moments that reveal the culture and technology that made them great.

Children aged 7-11 will discover how deep knowledge of the Sun, sea, and stars enabled ancient seafarers to navigate the Pacific Ocean; witness the highs and lows of a thrilling chariot race in the Roman Empire's greatest hippodrome, and marvel at the military might of the Mauryan Empire and its incredible war elephants.

Dive straight into this book on ancient civilisations for kids, offering:

- 12 impressive landscape pages capturing the daily life of different periods in time.
- A fascinating world tour of history, covering civilisations from Ancient Egypt to the Maya.
- A moment in time on each page, from battle action to a busy market, with annotations that break down each scene.

From Sumer, the world's earliest civilisation, to the heyday of the Maya, the tour crosses every continent, taking in developments in urban planning, art and architecture, religion, warfare, trade, and cultural exchange. Children and parents can enjoy exploring the similarities and differences of cultures around the world today, looking at each scene as a window into the lives of the most powerful and innovative peoples in times past.

At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. So why stop here?

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Author : DK Children

Ages : 6 - 12 years

Format : Hardcover