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Art Alive! with Science

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Experience how art meets science, from the earliest cave paintings to today's advanced tech - and meet the innovative artists behind it all!

In Art Alive! with Science, award-winning author Mary Auld explores moments from art history that have expanded our understanding of the way things work, such as the beautiful balance of forces in kinetic sculpture, the interplay of light and shadow in painting and puppetry and how Op Art tricks our brains and plays with our senses.

Following each case study of astounding innovation, there is a creative project that applies the scientific learning to the reader's own art practice. The unique art style of illustrator Sue Downing is sure to draw in young artists, especially alongside the photos of each artist's work and contribution to the timeline of innovation. Perfect for children age 8 and up.


Author : Mary Auld

Ages : 8 - 11 years

Format : Hardcover