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Big Book of Numbers (Big Books)

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A number book like no other, introducing children to the significance of different numbers and the things they are associated with. Did you know that an octopus has 3 hearts, every snowflake has 6 points, giraffes have 7 bone in their necks, cloud cover is measure in ‘oktas’ from 0 to 8, and that 9 is lucky in China (but unlucky in Japan)? An unusual approach to a numbers book and a gorgeous and slightly eccentric illustration style will make this title stand out in a crowded retail environment. By the team who worked together on the acclaimed My First 100 Words Book, Count to 100 and the award-winning Big Book of Colours (winner of the School Library Association’s Under 7 Children’s Choice Award 2016). An effortless and enjoyable way for children to learn about topics as diverse as fractions, counting, shapes, measuring, music, dates, animals, space, sports, geography and mythology through the magic of numbers.


Author : n/a

Ages : 2 - 8 years

Format : Hardcover

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