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Code Breaker Puzzles for Kids

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Code Breaker Puzzles for Kids     A STEM Title     Suitable for ages 7+ 

Become a super spy, crack codes, and train your brain! Take on the role of an adventurous master code-breaker on a mission to reveal secret messages and crack codes sent to you by a mysterious contact! Code-Breaker Puzzles is bursting with fun maths, word and visual puzzles to keep kids engaged and entertained for hours! 

Series: A spectacular series of four books, developed by Dr Gareth Moore, an expert in the field, will have your kids cracking codes in no time! Includes, amazing alphabet and number codes, grids, and picture puzzles, this series is as eye-catching as it is entertaining. 


Author: Dr. Gareth Moore

Ages: 6 years and up

Format: Paperback

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