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Did You Do This Poo?

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A hilarious poo-themed 'whodunnit' book - the perfect gift for kids who love to laugh!

My goodness! My gracious! So pongy! Oh dear!

I have to know who left this yucky poo here.

It wasn't YOU was it? Of course not! No, no!

Perhaps you could help - could we give it a go?

When a poo appears somewhere it shouldn't be, an extremely inquisitive little unicorn is left wondering who on earth could have left it there.

And so begins an interrogation, as the unicorn asks everyone he knows, 'Did YOU do this POO?'

  • With funny and rhyming text from bestselling author Lucy Rowland, and super cute and bright illustrations from Gareth Conway, the #1 bestselling illustrator of Greg the Sausage Roll
  • Packed with loads of children's favourite animals from badgers to bears, as well as a mythical unicorn
  • a light-hearted book to accompany potty training to reassure children EVERYONE does it
  • Perfect for fans of Who Pooed In My Loo? and Who Did A Wee? Wait and See!


Author:  Lucy Rowland

Ages: 2 - 6 yrs

Format: Paperback