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Do You Love Oceans? : Why oceans are magnificently mega!

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Dive to the darkest depths of the deep blue sea, weave in and out of colourful coral reefs and learn about the incredible people who are trying to save our oceans in the fourth book in Matt Robertson's award-winning Do You Love? series

Investigate shipwrecks where scorpionfish hide, dive down to the Mariana trench to meet a dumbo octopus, marvel at ocean giants and dart in between manatees in mangrove forests to find out why oceans are magnificently mega!

Did you know lobsters keep their teeth in their tummies? Or that you can find rivers and lakes beneath the ocean? And did you know that sea stars have no brain or blood? Explore the wonders of our underwater worlds on every page, from coral reefs, sharks and the deep to shipwrecks, weird fish and frozen seas, there's so much to discover!

With fun and colourful illustrations and bursting with facts, Do You Love Oceans? is perfect for readers who want to explore Earth's spectacular seas, discover the wildlife that lives there and find out why our oceans need protecting.


Author : Matt Robertson

Ages :  3 - 7 years

Format : Paperback

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