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Observation and speed Who will be the biggest and fastest glutton, gobbling up all the items cluttering the room? A fast-paced game of observation where you've got to have the right moves!

In Gloutons, each player has a hungry monster and tweezers to retrieve food. Strings are placed in the middle of the table and a player turns over a card. Players must simultaneously pick up the objects indicated on the card with their tweezers and maneuverer them into their monster’s mouth. As soon as a player thinks they are finished, they yell out “Glutton” and the game stops. If no error has been made, the player wins the card and places it in front of them. If the player made a mistake, the turn ends for them and the game resumes for the others until another player shouts “Glutton”.

Number of players: 2 to 4
Publisher: Djeco
Ages: 5 years
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  • Product Type: Toys
  • Brand: Djeco
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