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Granny ~ Anthony Horowitz



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      'Wicked, hilarious, creepy, cruel…'

      "We've beaten her…" Wicked, hilarious, creepy, cruel… What are your grannies like? Lovely, rosy, comforting and always giving you gifts and maybe she even likes knitting!

      Jordan is 12 years old and lives with a very rich family in a mansion called Thattlebee Hall. But, there is one person who everybody is scared of… and that is GRANNY.

      She is evil, hates Jordan and gets him presents that are not for his age, even after he showed her what he wanted. Wicked, isn't she?

      One day, she takes him to THE GOLDEN GRANNY AWARDS for something very iniquitous. She is going to extract his enzymes with the GRANNYMATIC ENZYME EXTRACTOR to make lots of other very evil grannies as well as to make herself young again!!

      Will Jordan survive?

      I really liked this book because it had twists and turns on every page. I would recommend this book to readers between the ages of 10 to 13. I would rate it a 10/10!

      Author : Anthony Horowitz

      Ages : 7 - 9 years

      Format : Paperback

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