I Don't Want to Be Big



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Author:Dev Petty
Ages: 3 - 5 yrs, 5 - 7 yrs
Fans of the hit picture book I Don?�?t Want to Be a Frog will love this silly, stubborn-as-ever companion book.

"Reminiscent of Mo Willems?�?s 'Elephant and Piggie' series"?�?Publishers Weekly

Frog does NOT want to grow up. Doesn?�?t need to be tall. Doesn?�?t want to be able to jump high enough to see the tree frogs.
He?�?s just FINE being small. Besides, if you grow up, you don?�?t get to do fun things like jump in mud puddles with your best friend, Pig. Do you?

This hilarious story???�?which uses humor to teach that it?�?s great being exactly who you are?�?
is sure to bring a smile to every kid who just wants to stay a kid, in addition to those who are the smallest in their class.
It?�?s a sly and smartly funny tale that will have children and parents laughing together.

Format: Hardcover

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