Let's Visit Easter Island!: Adventures of Bella & Harry



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Join sibling Chihuahuas, Bella and Harry, as they travel to Easter Island and explore this remote volcanic island and learn the meaning behind the monumental statues, or moai, and how they were made.

Come along with us as we explore one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world and learn the history of this mysterious volcanic island. As we explore this Chilean territory in the Pacific Ocean, we will visit the Rano Raraku quarry, learn about the different moai and discover how the island got its name. Along the way, sample local cuisine (such as umu rapa nui) and learn basic phrases.

The Adventures of Bella & Harry is a children's book series that chronicles the escapades of a pup named Bella, her little brother Harry and their family, who travel the world exploring the sights and sounds of new, exciting cities. The Bella & Harry series is an informative, interactive and exciting way to introduce children to travel, different countries, customs, history and landmarks with the educational value of this book cleverly disguised amidst dozens of illustrated pages which are sure to win the hearts of young readers.

Author: Lisa Manzione

Ages: 3-7 years

Format: Hardback

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