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Love You By Heart

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Aimed at readers of every age, this is a poetic, universal
and joyful celebration of how we feel about the people we love
most in our lives - we love them BY HEART!

From the anticipating love parents and caregivers have for their
little ones, to the tremendous love of a lifelong friendship,
and the boundless love of a grandparent . . . these are all the loves
this sweet book celebrates.

This is a heartfelt message to share with the people we cherish;
like a song we have known all our lives, we love them by heart.

I loved you by heart before I even met you.
I've always loved you.
I love every morsel of your being. I love every smile, every
I love you by heart.

Peter H. Reynolds' whimsical and charming art coveys this deep expression of love with humour and joyfulness.

Author: Peter H. Reynolds

Ages: 3-5 years

Format: Paperback

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