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On Misty Islnand (Thomas & Friends)

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One day, Thomas and Edward have a special job. The Mayor needs Jobi wood from Misty Island. The Logging Locos warn them that they might need help, because the log loaders are very naughty. But Thomas is sure they will not need help as he has been on Misty Island before. He shows Edward around and then puffs to the Shake Shake Bridge. Edward is too scared and stops halfway across.

Ol' Wheezy picks up some logs, but instead of loading them, he throws them everywhere. Logs bounce off of Edward's cab and the bridge wobbles even more, which makes Edward even more scared. The Logging Locos come back, but Thomas still does not want help. Thomas chuffs over to Hee-Haw, but he is too ill to work. Soon James and the Fat Controller arrive. Just as they arrive, Hee-Haw coughs black smoke all over them. The Fat Controller is cross. Thomas is sad and he now realises that he does need help.

Thomas collects Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand and together they chuff to the Shake Shake Bridge to make Edward cross it. Next, they oil Hee-Haw's joints so he can load logs. Then they pick up the logs Ol' Wheezy threw. Soon the flatbeds are piled high with logs and they chuff back to Sodor. When they arrive, the Fat Controller calls them really useful engines. Bash and Dash say that they all make a great team and Thomas, Edward, and Ferdinand could not agree more.


Author:  Thomas & Friend

Ages: 3 - 8 years

Format: Paperback

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