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Our World in Pictures Human Body Flash Cards

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From your molars to your metatarsals, find out how your body works with these flash cards.

Learn about 11 systems in the body in this colourful deck of flash cards, designed to help kids learn and memorise different bodily parts and functions.

Take children aged 9+ on a tour of the human body, where they can learn about the muscular, skeletal, digestive, reproductive systems - and everything in between! Each part of each body system has its own card, which clearly explains how the different parts work together to keep us alive and healthy. As you read the cards, you'll find answers to lots of questions, such as: What does the lymphatic system do? How many bones are there in our feet? How do muscles work? Why is my blood red?

These anatomy flash cards for children offer:

- A pack showing 125 body parts, including a huge variety of organs, bones, and muscles.
- Photos, detailed illustrations, and fast facts on the body's organs, bones, and systems.
- Bold and eye-catching images clearly show each body part, highlighting its function.
- Two-sided, laminated cards, packed in a durable cardboard carton.

These engaging cards are designed to help you learn and memorise different parts of the body. The front of the card shows a section of the body (such as the heart), and numbered dots point to different sections of the heart (such as the ventricles and the aorta), and there's also a clue to help you name the body part. Turn over the card, and the back reveals the answer, giving you lots of detail, colourful diagrams and illustrations, and fascinating facts about the complex machine that is our body.

You can use the cards to test your own knowledge, or how about using them to play a guessing game, quiz, or a competitive comparison game with a friend?

Learn all about a topic, one flash card at a time!

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Author:  DK

Ages: 7 - 11 yrs

Format: Box set

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