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Pokemon: Legendary and Mythical Guidebook: Super Deluxe Edition

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The new Pokemon are here, and kids gotta catch
'em all!
This updated guidebook features the unique and mysterious new
Galar region Pokemon from the hit new games for Nintendo Switch,
Sword & Shield.

Discover the origins of the most fascinating and unusual Pokemon!
You'll get the scoop on Legendary and Mythical Pokemon
from Kanto all the way through Galar. It's the insider's
guide to the rarest and most powerful known

This expanded edition of the 2019 deluxe guidebook includes the
latest information about the new Legendary and Mythical Pokemon
from the Galar region.

Features the latest information on Galar region Pokemon

Full-colour illustations throughout

Perfect for old and new fans.


Author: Simcha Whitehill

Ages: 7-9 years

Format: Paperback

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