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Project Logic: Be Creative!

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This book helps children learn how to boost their creativity with logic puzzles, challenges and activities. It encourages the reader to think outside the box, take creative risks and find new ways to do things. As well as puzzles, the book explores the stories of creative minds from history to help children learn from the brilliant men and women of the past.

Project Logic helps children aged 8+ to test and improve their critical thinking skills. The books boost growth mindset, as the reader is asked to challenge themselves with fun puzzles and then discover how critical thinking can help us to solve everyday problems and issues.

Titles in the series:
PROVE IT! How to Think Rationally
BE CREATIVE! How to Think Outside the Box
TEST IT! How to Think Scientifically
GET IT RIGHT! How to Think Accurately


Author : Izzi Howell

Ages : 8 - 11 years

Format : Hardcover

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