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Secret Fairy Club

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Do you believe in fairies? Would you like to join a secret club of fairy experts, who search for and look after fairies and other magical creatures in the wild?

Now is the time to earn your place in the Secret Fairy Club. Earn ten badges on your journey towards becoming an official Secret Fairy Club member and learn all about:
- the perfect fairy wardrobe
- where fairies make their homes
- how fairies help the nature around them
- how fairies get ready for a Fairy Ball
...and so much more!

Guard the precious knowledge within these pages for the good of all magical kind...
· This novelty format contains a surprise, second book in the back
· Artwork offers an inclusive, 21st-century take on an ever-popular topic
· Intricate artwork and full cover decorative foiling make this the perfect gift

Praise for The Secret Unicorn Club

"Magic Cat is building a reputation for making unusual and beautifully illustrated titles, and The Secret Unicorn Club is no exception." - The Bookseller


Author:  Emma Roberts

Ages: 3 - 8 yrs

Format: Hardcover