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The Treasure: A Story About Finding Joy in Unexpected Places

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"Once, atop a cold, dark mountain, there was an old wooden chest. And in the chest, there was a treasure so special that it could make your dreams come true. Or so it was said..."

Join Hare as she sets off to find the treasure, hoping for an exciting adventure. On the way, she meets Bear, whose dream is to make friends, and Bird, whose dream is to overcome shyness.

But when they eventually get to the top and find the treasure, they realise that they've already found what they're looking for.

Perfect for ages 4+, this stunning picture book teaches that real treasure is not gold, but rather friendship holds the most value of all.

· A stunning debut picture book
· A heart-warming celebration of friendship and perseverance


Author:  Marcela Ferreira

Ages: 3 - 9 yrs

Format: Paperback