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TheDadLab’s Amazing, Weird, Mind-blowing Facts for Curious Minds

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Did you know?
· Giraffes can't swim, but kangaroos are surprisingly good at it!
· All watermelons have an even number of stripes
· Honey we can eat today has been found in 3,000-year-old Egyptian tombs!
· Every odd number contains the letter 'e'
· If you were at Point Nemo in the ocean, you'd be closer to astronauts in space than anyone on Earth!

Nothing beats discovering something new, especially when it's as surprising as the fact that you are hurtling through space at the speed of 107,000 kilometres per hour at this very moment!

Educational sensation Sergei Urban from TheDadLab shares the most curious facts to blow your mind, from real-life super-animals and flying cars to robot rock bands and golf on the moon. Find out for yourself just how incredible, strange and mind-boggling our universe really is with experiments and activities to wow your friends and stagger your family with too!

Find Sergei and join his millions of followers @thedadlab on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, and on his website at


Author : Sergei Urban

Ages : 6 - 11 years

Format : Paperback