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Unicorns Don't Love Sparkles (PB)

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Everyone's favourite unicorn is back, and he's got a lot to say!

I do NOT love pink. Nope! No flowers or hearts. I'm not a big fan of bright unicorn farts. I really hate rainbows (I've said it before), but there are somethings I dislike EVEN MORE... Unicorn likes a lot to things. The only problem is that the things he likes aren't exactly the same as everyone else.

Sparkles? He HATES them! Balloons? No, thanks! Cake? Yak!

But soon it will be Unicorn's birthday, and - oh no! That means ALL of the things Unicorn hates will be smushed together and squeezed into the same day.

This is a DISASTER!

What on earth is Unicorn going to do?


Author: Lucy Rowland

Ages: 2-4 years 

Format: Boardbook

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