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What Jobs Could YOU Do?

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You Choose meets Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day?

Pick your perfect job by choosing from things you LOVE to do. Whether you want to make thingsdrawwritebe in chargeget messyhelp peoplesolve mysteries, discover new thingsbe outsidework with animalsnumbers or machines, or do something loud or quiet, there's something for everyone!

So if you decide you want to be outside, then a surfing coach, conservation worker, photographer and tree surgeon are just some of the brilliant jobs you could choose. Or if you love working with numbers then perhaps a robot scientist or video games developer would suit you more? Whatever you enjoy, there's something for you!

In this interactive and inspiring picture book for children aged 3+ years, jobs are arranged by interests, making it really accessible and engaging. The busy, charm-filled spreads show children ‘at work’ in an intriguing range of occupations. And it encourages creative thinking and aspiration in an empowering, inclusive way.


Author:  Catherine Barr

Ages: 3 - 7 yrs

Format: Paperback

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