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You're the Hero: Pirate Adventure

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Imagine if you could have an adventure as a pirate.

What if you could have MILLIONS of them?

With this story-building book, readers aged 5+ can create their own pirate-inspired adventures, over and over again. Just read the question and choose from the vibrant pictures on the page to build the story.

The book is packed full of fun, silly and exciting things for the reader to choose from, including:

Visiting a pirate milkshake bar
Wearing a sparkly eye patch and a beard
Packing a treasure map
Voyaging on a ghost ship
Sailing past an island made of chocolate
Facing a tentacled sea monster

Once they've finished, the reader can turn back to the start and make different choices to build a completely new tale. There are millions of possible combinations and endless stories to be told! And can you find the cheeky penguin hidden on each page?

Author: Lily Murray

Ages: 5-7 years

Format: Paperback

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