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Are You Working Hard or Hardly Working?: A Story about Staying on Task Until the Work Is Done

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Isaac is a young kid who always - ALWAYS - puts fun first.

No matter where he is or what he needs to do, Isaac doesn't want to waste time being bored. So instead of finishing a dull math worksheet, he watches a robot gobble up numbers. Instead of straightening up his room, he crams all his toys, dirty clothes, and games into a closet and declares all is clean! Instead of working on his tennis skills, he goofs around and creates a commotion on the court. Isaac is so busy looking to have fun, he forgets about his responsibilities and all the work he needs to finish.

Will it make any difference when a caring teacher introduces Isaac to four simple steps that can help him focus and finish his tasks? Or will Isaac keep making more work for himself by putting fun first?

In the story, Isaac learns that if he can follow the steps to completing a task, he'll still have time for fun. First he needs to:


  • 1. Identify what needs to get done.
    2. Give the task his full attention.
    3. Make sure the work is done the right way.
    4. Continue working until the job is complete.

This amusing tale delivers a valuable message to kids about the importance of having a strong work ethic and maintaining a balance between work and fun. Tips for educators, counselors and parents are included to help teach this important skill.

Are You Working Hard or Hardly Working is part of the popular Stepping Up Social Skills book series, which is written for students in Grades K through 5 who are struggling with staying on task.

Help your children succeed by teaching them important skills such as impulse control, self-reliance, and completing a task with the Stepping Up Social Skillsbook series.


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  • Are You Working Hard or Hardly Working? - A story about staying on task until the work is done.


Author: Bryan Smith

Ages: 5 - 11 yrs

Format: Paperback

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